2017 into 2018

For me, 2017 was about finding peace in the most unlikely places. It was about living creatively without fear and without pressure to make money. It was about healing, forgiveness, and gratitude.

As a result, I found that abundance is everywhere and not limited by money. I have found consistent self-admiration and love. I attract more and more friendships and wonderful opportunities. I continue to attract things that I want now that I no longer have them up on a pedestal. God continues to surprise me and show himself in unexpected ways, now that I do not expect or “need” Him is specific ways.

My lows were opportunities to heal and in their depths I found peace. I have moved into 2018 knowing how to find acceptance, contentment, and peace in any given moment.

“You cannot stand up for peace until there is peace throughout you.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Grace Ryser