The Artist's Way - Week 2

Discloser: I completed the Artist’s Way, week 2 for the first time in January 2017. If you're new to this blog series, click here to read the first blog post.

Recovering a sense of Identity

This week talks a lot about the barriers which others can create on your journey to recovery. The reading mentions poisonous playmates and crazy makers OR friends who are still blocked and find your recovery disturbing and those who jump in to mix things up just when things are getting good for you.

It also talks about a third enemy. I'm sure you know where this is going... You. You and your deeply held skepticism.

Fortunately, I can't think of an obvious poisonous playmate or crazy maker in my life. As per usual, it boils down to me.

"As blocked creatives, we focus not on our responsibilities to ourselves, but on our responsibilities to others. We tend to think such behavior makes us good people. It doesn't. It makes us frustrated people." (Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way, pg. 43)

I won't tell you of the skepticism I still carry and the work I have yet to do, but I will attest to the truth of this quote.

Over the years, as I have taken time and attention for myself, to acknowledge my traumas, fears, and boundaries, to heal, I have found deeper connection and love for God and ultimately for myself. Not only that, but I have found a much bigger love for and desire to help others. I have found it easier and a clearer vision on how to do it. When you love yourself, you automatically love others. So this is me giving you permission to put yourself first.

"Your own healing is the greatest message of hope for others." (pg. 44)

Grace Ryser