The Artist's Way - Week 5

Discloser: I completed the Artist’s Way, week 5 for the first time in February 2017. If you are new to this blog series, click here to read the first post.

Recovering a Sense of Possibility

"Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually." - Eileen Caddy

Or as my mother would say, "Live as if you've already received it."

"If we learn to think of receiving God's good as being an act of worship--cooperating with God's plan to manifest goodness in our lives--we can begin to let go of having to sabotage ourselves" (Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way, pg. 92).

We don't have to suffer in order to serve God. Yes, in order to learn and grow suffering is instrumental, but we must also think of accepting blessings and receiving abundance as an act of service to God. Heavenly Father wants us to have what we want. He wants to bless us. First step is believing that he wants to give it to us. And next,is believing that we deserve it. Start to think of receiving what we want in life as an act of worship!

My recent thoughts and prayers have turned to this - get out of your own way. Because really, the only thing ever standing in my way is me and my own fears - my ego. God wants to give me what I wish for. Help me to get out of my own way that I might accept what Heavenly Father has to offer me. Because the universe is always working on my side. God is unlimited and therefore so am I. Everything I desire is already mine.

Here's an exercise. Try it!

Every morning, as part of the Artist's Way program, I write 3 pages which are referred to as "Morning Pages". It involves connecting to your inner stream of consciousness and writing down whatever comes to mind with no regard to proper story telling or construction. Here's the exercise:

"Experiment with this two-step process: ask for answers in the evening; listen for answers in the morning. Be open to all help." (pg. 94)

Pray for something at night, then work out your thoughts in the morning. See what comes up. See what your authentic self already knows. Let God be your inner guide and speak to you through your written hand. Be open to what God has to offer you. Be open to inspiration and answers to problems. Be open to new opportunities and creative ways to serve yourself and others. Be open to finding new ways to accept blessings.

"Look and you will find it--what is unsought will go undetected." - Sophocles

Grace Ryser