2018 into 2019

I wouldn’t consider myself one for resolutions but I decided to start this year similarly. I have this thing called my “God Jar” and I thought what better time to clean it out than the new year. In my God jar I place the things I am giving to God so I don’t have to carry them anymore. Things like money, school, relationships, etc. or I’ll write down my fears or big decisions or things I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Anything and everything goes into my God jar. Once I place these things in my jar, they are His now. It is an exercise of letting go so I can move into 2019 with peace, faith, and trust without feeling weighed down. Trust that everything is as it should be and will be concerning these things because God is carrying them now. Complete trust in myself as I move forward and make decisions because God is operating through me. Peace knowing that I don’t need these things to work out in a certain way for me to be happy but that I will be happy no matter how they work out. Complete peace knowing that I don’t have to worry about the HOW it will work out, knowing that it will. I just have to set my intentions and move forward.

In addition to these specific things, I will occasionally write down my prayers and give them to God - a more tangible act. I call them my letters to God. I will write down the prayers I feel I need to better articulate or more physically release. And then I will let go. Once it is placed in my jar, it’s His. I don’t have to think, worry, or carry it any longer. Enabling myself to move forward in peace and therefore in the most effective and loving way possible concerning these things. 

I loved 2018. I loved the ups and allowed myself to be down. This quote by Eckhart Tolle I think describes my 2018 very well: “Imagine you are a lake... the surface of the lake changes according to weather, wind, rain, etc. But the depth of the lake remains always undisturbed. The depth of the lake is your inner state, not dependent on external things.” I did my best to operate out of this place and I think it became quite natural to me. My intention was to not be so effected by the outside world, to decide what I will or will not allow to disturb my peace, and to operate out of that deep, centered place of undisturbed peace (which we all have but have built up certain layers around it). Because that is where Heavenly Father resides. In that place I am able to function in the outside world in a more effective and loving way. 

My intention for 2019 is the same, to focus on creating that feeling of peace and love and helping others to feel the same.

Grace Ryser